Custom Designed Planters!

Beautify your home with these gorgeous planters!

Looking for a way to jazz up the front of your house or your backyard patio - These awesome planters will get the job done. 

Size  Colours  Base Premium 
12"  white/purple/pink/red/orange/yellow $195  $235
16"  white/purple/pink/red/orange/yellow $245 $325 
18"  white/purple/pink/red/orange/yellow $295  $395 

You can browse our planter gallery below and select one of these or talk to us about a custom designed planter. To order one of the planters below in our gallery, click on the image and when the pop up window opens make a note of the planter # (ranging from 1-14). You can then call us directly at 905-639-2984 or complete the form on this page.

Planter 1   Planter 2 
Planter 3   Planter 4 
Planter 5   Planter 6 
Planter 7    Planter 8
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