Commercial Snow Removal

Don't Let a Heavy Snow Day Restrict your Professional Commitments!

Opt for our expert snow removal services for complete convenience and safety!

According to a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, slip and fall accidents are the third largest cause of injuries in the workplace and are also the prime factor for most emergency room visits. This makes snow removal one of the most important parts of maintaining a professional and safe environment around your workplace in the winter season. 

At LawnWorks, we provide professional snow removal services at an affordable price. We not only use the best equipment and products, but also believe in complete dedication and commitment to our work!

Our professional snow removal services include: 

Snow Plowing

• Shovelling

• Snow hauling 

• Snow blowing 

• Parking lot and sidewalk de-icing and anti-icing

• Ice control

• Walkway Maintenance

Why Choose LawnWorks for Snow Removal Services in Ontario?

Our professionals can help you maintain safety, convenience and accessibility on your worksite no matter how much it’s snowing!

• We optimize safety and security of your employees and help avoid slipping injuries due to snow.

• We use the best equipment to counter snow in all types of environments.

• We use the best quality products to keep off snow from parking lots, walkways and other areas around the office;

• We stay in touch with you 24/7 address any concerns before they become serious problems.;

• We assure you complete peace of mind and quality service;

Trust LawnWorks for the best treatments and techniques to maintain your outdoors in every season!;

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